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Zegers Freedom Flags is a small woodworking business in Upstate New York at the bottom of the Adirondack Mountains. Colonel Arthur Zegers IV served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and was on-site serving in New York City during the days following 9/11. 

Col. Zegers and his daughter, Morgan, started ZFF in 2018 as a way for Morgan to pay for college, but over the last three years, ZFF has become a full-fledged family business, where Col. Zegers, his wife, Amy, his daughter, Morgan, and his son, Art, work together building the flags.  


Morgan Zegers is the founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization utilizing (1) first-hand testimony from survivors of socialism and communism and (2) peer-to-peer communication tactics to reach young minds about history, economics, policy, and more. Morgan is also the host of Some Sanity, a weekly podcast on politics and current events from a conservative, Gen Z perspective, and Freedom Papers, a weekly podcast powered by Turning Point USA that breaks down our nation's founding documents and principles. 

Thank you for your patriotism and support of ZFF!

Zegers Flag 4.png

Morgan and Col. Zegers in their workshop at the CNC machine. 


Morgan Zegers

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