Displaying this handcrafted Border Patrol flag in your home is a great way to show your support for our dedicated law enforcement and securing our border!   At Zegers Freedom Flags, we have deep respect for the Border Patrol and their mission of securing our perimeter.


This flag comes in 24", 36" and 48" lengths, making it a perfect stand-out piece for any wall in your office, living room, garage, indoor porch, and more!


The 50 stars of the union are cut and bevelled by our in-house CNC machine for a professional look.


Stripes are individually cut, burnt, stained, and selected for the most appealing look possible. The white stripes are lightly burnt, for an elegant and polished classic look that brilliantly contrasts against the flag's red and blue elements.


The Border Patrol Flag can include the your custom Border Patrol Union. Various designs are available upon your request. 


Once the order is placed, Please email us a picture of the requested badge, and stripe color preferences and we will get the process started!


Thank you for your service!

Border Patrol Flag

  • Freedom Flags are offered in the following sizes:

    24 x 13 inches

    36 x 19 inches 

     48 x 25  inches

    Custom Size available upon request. 

    This flag comes with white stripes that contrast the stained red stripes. 

    Additional tones available are Lightly Toasted and Rustic, which highlights the darkened grains.

    Our exterior finish that is applied to both sides of the flag.

  • Our hanging system is one of the most secure on the market.   We use a French cleat.  The French cleat is a two part hanging system.

    The molding (cleat) is first attached to the wall with a 30–45 degree slope with a matching cut edge that is attached to the flag.  Simply lift the flag up to the wall cleat and hang the flag.   Very easy.