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A flag perfect for highlighting the service of our military members. Our classic American flag featuring the addition of any of the military branch logos makes for a great gift for loved ones and friends. 


This flag comes in 24", 36", and 46" lengths, making it a perfect stand-out piece for any wall in your office, living room, garage, indoor porch, and more!


The stars of the union and unique military logo are cut and bevelled by our in-house CNC machine for a professional look. All stripes are individually cut, burned, stained, and selected for the most appealing look possible. The "white" stripes are an elegant and polished classic look that brilliantly contrasts against the flag's red and blue elements.


This flag belongs in the home of every military family! 

U.S. Marine Union Flag

  • Our flags are available in the following sizes:

    24 x 13 inches (Base Price $129.99)

    36 x 19 inches (Base Price $179.99)

    46 x 24  inches (Base Price $249.99)

  • Our hanging system is one of the most secure on the market: a french cleat. The French cleat is a two-part hanging system.

    To hang, you drill the angled molding cleat to the wall. The matching cut will come attached to the back of your flag. Once the cleat is attached to the wall, you can hang the flag onto its matching piece. 

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